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Intro to Mysore

A 3-part series at Open Door

November 6 / November 13 / November 20, 2022

4-6 pm



In this 3-week series, learn the foundations of Ashtanga yoga to establish a grounding, uplifting, and sustainable personal yoga practice. We will begin from where we are, progressively adding to the practice each week, with attention to proper alignment, breath, focus, and internal awareness. Individual adaptations will be offered to serve any circumstances. By the end of the series, you will be equipped with a solid yoga practice to do at home and take with you anywhere, and you will be ready to practice in a Mysore class (in which each student practices at their own pace, with personal assistance and guidance from the teacher). This series is appropriate for those new to yoga or new to the Ashtanga form; more experienced students will also find it enriching to revisit the foundations in detail, look again, and begin again.



Yoga Retreats

Retreats provide a wonderful opportunity to get away from your usual ruts and experience more of what yoga has to offer, in carefully selected, extraordinary settings.  Bask in beautiful surroundings, eat well, connect with unexpected new friends from surprisingly different backgrounds, and return home feeling healthy and refreshed, as if everyday life has a new depth and quality to it.  These adventures are not quite like your typical vacation, and what you bring home with you will continue to flourish long after the retreat is over.

Past retreats:


Winter Warming: A yoga retreat in Paonia, Colorado

Fire and Waves: A yoga adventure in the Riviera Maya, Mexico

3rd Annual Mountain Hut Yoga Get-Away, Colorado


A Yoga Adventure in Exquisite Calm: Riviera Maya, Mexico

2nd Annual Mountain Hut Yoga Get-Away, Colorado


A Mountain Hut Yoga Get-Away, Colorado


International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh, India (group trip with Erica Kaufman)

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Here is what people have to say about past retreats:

“Aleah!!!  I want [to] thank you and you darling husband for such a wonderful weekend. I truly enjoyed everything that you both presented. It was so-sweet to connect with such an incredible, and inspiring group of people. It was meant to be. Thanks again.” – P.M.

“I had a PHENOMENAL time in Mexico, I feel so privileged to get to do that 2 years in a row!” – S.J.

“Thank you so much for a wonderful retreat experience. The company and friendship meant so much to me. It was an inspiring and heart-warming group. Thank you also for sending the great photos!” – V.M.

“Thank you for organizing and hosting a lovely retreat. The pace and activities were you arranged were just right.” – L.M.

“I’m just blown over by your sense of caring and love for everyone. It was so apparent and felt by all the details of your planning. I thought the schedule was perfect- lots of open time with soft structure. I appreciated how much permission you gave for everyone to pitch in to “help” or do their own thing- that set such a wonderful energy. The only thing I wished was that you all could have shared lying under the stars on the deck with me the second night! Thank you for all veganness of your food planning 🙂 and for taking care of my back. It was certainly the most memorable and wonderful birthday I have ever had.” – L.B.

“Much gratitude to you and Eli your for your warm hospitality and bringing together fabulous group of people. My three biggest yoga takeaways from your teachings were: 1)wrapping the shoulders, 2) The wave motion, and 3) Coming back to the center or a midline which is a good metaphor for the life of the mat! It was a perfect 50th birthday retreat for L. I really appreciated how are you accommodated her keys and lifestyle and above all the birthday cake was such a gift!” – L.D.

“… and thank you again Aleah for this opportunity! Definitely memorable!” – M.B.

“Thank you so much!  The retreat was a wonderful, peak life experience. You generously shared your inspiring beauty, grace and wisdom with us. My body, mind and spirit feel fantastic!” – V.M.

“What a wonderful time.  Everything seemed so fresh yesterday.  I paddled to and from Masonboro [Island] today with the Ganesh and Gayatri mantras running through my mind.” – G.N.

“I really enjoyed the wonderful retreat you planned- beautiful vistas, great yoga and hiking, nice people, delicious, healthy food and your very terrific, kind husband!” – E.T.

“Great weekend. It was perfect. I gained some clarity of mind, some solitude and most importantly practicing some yoga chitta vritti nirodha. Carrying the big trash bag was also a good “yoga” practice.” – P.M.

“Thanks Aleah and Eli, for the awesome, epic weekend! Every thing about it was perfect. I don’t remember if you said this was your first yoga hut trip to ever lead, but you two seemed like you’ve been doing it for years. Very well thought out, with a good balance of activities and down time. The fine yoga and meditations and beautiful views were just what I needed, and the food was scrumbdillyicious! I hope you do one next year, sign me up!” – S.J.