glaciology summer school success.

In June, I had the joy of teaching for a couple of weeks as part of the International Summer School in Glaciology held in the remote town of McCarthy, Alaska. I spent some time in McCarthy back in 2014, helping with fieldwork on Kennicott Glacier, and it was sweet to be back in this quirky town and out on the ice.

A few highlights: lecturing about glacier hydrology in bare feet in a log cabin, getting to know graduate students and faculty from all over the world, advising two students on a research project applying the SHAKTI model to simulate water drainage beneath Haute Glacier d’Otemma in the Swiss Alps, spending time with senior faculty over breakfast, beers, and scientific discussions, learning more about remote sensing and glacier mass balance terminology than ever before, swimming in ice-water lakes, exploring an ice cave, practicing yoga in the mornings on the rocky beach of McCarthy Creek with a stunning view of Mt. Sourdough and thousands of mosquitoes, a soccer game between the US and the rest of the world (the rest of the world won), and lots of inspiring questions for research!

Thanks for having me. 🙂