Upcoming yoga get-away to the Mayan Riviera (Mexico), May 2018

You might know that I am comfortable with simplicity: biking all over town most days rather than driving, living in a bamboo hut in Panama for 2 years without electricity or running water, camping for weeks on the Greenland ice sheet, countless backpacking trips and hut trips in the mountains… But when I met Allison Janssen in August while studying and practicing yoga up in the mountains near Carbondale, Colorado (we were both camping, incidentally), I knew I needed to plan a get-away to The Butterfly Landing, her beautiful yoga studio and retreat base in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico, at her family-run property, Hacienda del Secreto. It is an extraordinarily serene and secluded spot, with artful private villas tucked away between jungle and private beach.


So it’s happening in May! This will be quite the opposite of roughing it, an adventure in exquisite calm and luxurious unfolding (plus, it’s at sea level).

I would absolutely love to have you join me for this extended weekend get-away in the spring, May 17-20. Please see the “Workshops and Retreats” page for more details (or simply click here).  We will dive deep beneath the surface waves to explore the subtleties of yoga and “stoke the inner fire,” with a focus on personal practice.  This will be a small group, so let me know if you’re in – or even thinking about it!

With much love,


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