2 thoughts on “to India.

  1. Where are you now??? I absolutely loved following your yoga lessons during lockdown. You have a very gentle approach and it was very easy to flow with your practice . Your voice always very soothing! Now you are gone! I thought perhaps you have returned to the US now that lockdown is almost over. Then I thought that in India things are still pretty bad so perhaps you are simply doing some silence practices. I would love to follow some more of your lessons so please let me know how I can find you! Namaste’ from a fellow yogi in Italy !

    • Hi Pamela- Thank you for your sweet comment and for finding me here. I’m so glad the practices from Parmarth Niketan have been helpful. I am currently living in a village near Uttarkashi (a little higher in the Himalayas) – still in India, and will probably be back at Parmarth in a few months. In the meantime, it is so nice to know you are out in the world. Keep practicing, of course, and I’ll look forward to our paths crossing at some point again. 🙂

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