long-format yoga practice

next date: Saturday, March 25, 3:30-5:30 pm

happening once a month at Upper Valley Yoga

Please join me for a long-format complete yoga practice, which seems to be increasingly rare in yoga studios these days. In a kind, unhurried way, we use movement and focus of the body, breath, and mind to explore the experience of yoga and being alive, tapping a deep well of potential. This class includes a bit of Sanskrit chanting, an invigorating and balancing physical practice drawing on the structure and selected postures from the Ashtanga primary and second series, along with breath technique and meditation. Along the way, we will address and perhaps uncover for ourselves some of the more subtle and esoteric aspects of yoga. No particular experience is necessary; everyone is welcome. Experienced students will find this class helpful to enrich and refine their practice.

Register here.


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